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Professional Information

Dr. Chad Bisambar, MRCP (UK) (Endo), CESR (Endo) is a U.K. trained specialist and has completed dual endocrinology and diabetes fellowships at the Royal College of Edinburgh and at The University of Cambridge. He is registered on the General Medical Council (U.K.) and the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago as a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes.

Dr. Bisambar has sub-specialized in the following areas:

  • Pituitary and neuro-endocrinology
  • Adrenal endocrinology and endocrine hypertension
  • Neuroendocrine tumours and genetic endocrine syndromes
  • Abnormal and complex thyroid function tests


Dr. Bisambar has remained an Honourary Endocrinologist at The University of Cambridge as he believes international collaboration is key to establishing a first world endocrine service and excellent patient care. Dr. Bisambar has presented at several international meetings winning the first and third prize at the Society for Endocrinology (U.K) National Clinical Cases meeting in 2019 and 2018 respectively. He has also published in renowned British peer-reviewed endocrinology journals. He in an International Ambassador to The Society of Endocrinology (U.K) and The British Thyroid Association and his goal is to promote the study of endocrinology across Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Bisambar is also an avid video game player, and a mixed martial arts and boxing fan.

Dr. Chad Bisambar

Endocrinology / Diabetes

MRCP (UK) (Endo), CESR (Endo)

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